A Tale of Two 300's

A Tale of Two 300's

Recently one of my favorite sites, 43Rumors, posted an article about the new Olympus 300mm f/4 lens.  I thought it looked a lot like a lens I already have,  the Nikon 300m f/4. What do you think? The difference of course, is that the Micro Four-thirds format has a 2x crop factor compared to 35mm full frame, so that means this would be a 600mm lens on any M43 camera - but with the added advantage of image stabilization. This raises all sorts of possibilities for hand-held (or monopod-aided) sports photography, particularly with 10fps shutter speed of some M43 cameras.

I'm getting excited.  So I pulled out a few action photos that I've taken with the 300mm f/4 lens on my D700 and D800.

Ball motion at 95 mph


Cold Night Ref


Running Son

It's also not bad for landscape photography, even hand-held (as these were):

Port Orchard Passage, Puget Sound