The Saigon Foodie

This is an ongoing Blog about food in Saigon.  I'll be posting photos and commentary about the different meals I eat while I'm here in our software development office July 26~Aug 5.

Tuesday August 3

At lunch, Truc said the 'red' dish was Chinese, but to me it tasted like an interesting East-West concoction: large pieces of fried tofu, each with a little ball of meat stuffed in the middle, then smothered in a delicious tomato and garlic sauce.

Monday August 2

I'm always delighted when Truc prepares this for breakfast.  Apparently those are two different types of pork sausages on top, tough they taste very 'clean' and 'healthy'.  Underneath are soft, vegetarian spring rolls on a bed of bean sprouts.  Dipped in hot sauce, of course!  And chased with iced coffee..

Wednesday July 28


This is pretty typical for what we eat for lunch - at least while I'm in town!


My problem is, this is what I had for breakfast just a couple of hours earlier...

Tuesday July 27

It's a wonder the Vietnamese aren't all obese. Actually, they are very fit.  Or maybe it's just that I'm the 'visiting guest' and Truc (our housekeeper) wants to make sure that I'm happy and healthy?  The problem for me is that this breakfast comes barely three hours before a sumptuous lunch that she prepares for the entire office.

Taken by my trusty iPhone4

Monday July 26

Sweet, strong, iced coffee made with dark, slow-drip coffee and condensed milk. Pho with fresh vegetables. Hand-cracked ice. I must be in Saigon.