A Visit to Nirvana

"Nirvana" is a typical Vietnamese cafe in that it has a very well thought-out theme. Cafes here, like in other parts of the world, are a refuge where people go to escape the craziness of everything else - and, also, well, to be seen. Nirvana is probably not the best place to be seen unless you like an audience with a Gekko or a hidden minor bird (never could find the thing, but I sure could hear it).

After entering through an ornate, psuedo-Spanish gateway (their business card says "Nirvana - Hispanic Heritage") you are immediately presented with a little puzzle - you have to tip-toe your way across a pond following a meandering series of stones.  Make one false step and things could get very interesting...

Suddenly I lurched back into things Hispanic, or at least Catalian, with the stitched leather menu.  Not that I understood any of it.

Back to the cafe theme... and yes, I was the only person there.  Stunning, actually, when you consider that just steps from the front door was a cacophony of motorcycles.  Granted, there was a deluge going on as well, but wouldn't a place such as this provide a welcome respite?